Monday, September 22, 2014

Picture of a Picture

Hi Folks, long time no see, Well I've been very busy doing a little wallpaper removal and painting plus working full time. I've been also maintaining my property and working in the greenhouse. There has been an invasion of whiteflies in there and they have been driving me up the wall. Tried all sorts of removal tactics and nothing seemed to get a handle on them. I have finally figured it out. By using insecticidal soap I have gotten the upper hand on them. A lot of damage has occurred up to this point. Mainly leaf dropping and stunted growth.                                                             I'm starting to see new life emerging though. At least now I know what to use in the future. It's not easy trying to maintain a greenhouse, but I still love it.

Now, about the PIP. This picture is on the wall in my office. I speaks for itself. A collect of the kinds of peppers I grow plus the picture of the Greenhouse. The picture of the greenhouse has become my signature picture of it. I call it "A Hot August Day" and it was very hot that day in August of 2013. I think it's pretty cool. What do you think?

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