Thursday, September 4, 2014

New York Cheese Cake 1st

Hello everyone, Just wanted to share this with you. This is a New York Cheese Cake and it is the second one I ever made. The first one was the day before. My friend Mike retired the other day for the company I work for. He would on occasion bring one of these in and share it with us. His wife Bernadette made it. With him being gone I knew we would be missing these so I asked him for the recipe. He happily sent it to me. Having never made one I was a bit skeptical. But like all challenges I face there is the synergy that is created and I usually succeed, I tried to quit smoking my pipe a couple of months ago and failed to do so. That's what I'm talking about. .But with this challenge it was there. I am happy to report that success reigned. They are absolutely devine. Now we know where the next one will come from. Thank-you Mike and Bernadette and God bless you.

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