Sunday, June 19, 2016

Well House Foundation, Another Brilliant Idea?

Hi Everyone, I think it's about time I start writing again, My priorities went away from this for a while and it should not have. This is an important part of everyone's life. We should always share our thoughts and show people who are interested in our life things that make us unique and things of interest. I might have stopped writing but I have definitely been busy with multiple projects. Sometimes just to show progress on them I work a couple hours on each one of them just so I can eventually see them complete. This project is another one of my visions when complete will be made of windows also. I plan on putting in a shallow well that will be used to irrigate my plants and yard. I've never installed a well but I'll figure it out. If in doubt look it up on Youtube right? I will also use it to keep all my outdoor implements in one place and in order. I'll show you what I mean when it's done. This is the backside of the greenhouse and the plot for the Well House.  

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