Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nice Yard Buddy

Ah, What a Beautiful day is was in Williamsburg.
The flowers are everywhere and in their Glory. The rain we had yesterday was just enough to clean the air, wash the pollen off the cars and give the yards a good soaking. After church today I paid attention to the landscaping on the property. My front yard is becoming more beautiful every week. Green, thick and almost free of weeds. When I moved in here four years ago the yard was mostly weeds with scattered grass and a lot of bald spots. I had remained like until just this year. Last June I had a gentleman ring the doorbell and talked me into hiring Scott's lawn service to spray for weeds and fertilize every month. I was determined to have a beautiful landscaped front yard. With their recommendation last fall to run a plug machine and overseed it has turned out to be a success. Thanks Scotts lawn service.  

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