Wednesday, May 7, 2014

BeefSteak Tomato

This is the type of tomatoes I grow in my Greenhouse. Sweet and Juicy , no cardboard taste like from a hothouse. Many more are in the making and I can hardly wait for them to turn.


  1. I got the Box Car Willie tomato seeds. The tomato has the good old fashion taste, a higher amount of acid than most tomatoes. I live in Costa Rica where it rains so much I have to grow them under a poly roof in a concrete block raised bed, sides are 24" high so you can set on them. When I first started I used too much compost so I had huge plants with very few tomatoes. I had to add lots of dirt, now I get great tomatoes.

  2. Thanks for sharing your Costa Rica tomato story, Box Car Willie seeds sounds like something out of the 30's during the U.S. depression. The so called Hobos rode boxcars across the nation looking for work and often times pillaged the farms gardens for food and would have a Hobo stew made of vegetables.